Mine Is A Nigger’s Heart

Mine Is A Nigger’s Heart


More often than not

It seems to be a case

Of me being completely misunderstood

Leading some to merely mock

Whilst others chastise

As I court controversy

With every word of my communication


As if a product of forced error

My statements whizz over their heads

Their birthplace far and beyond

The perimeters of their box

And my predicament being

A problem of my own making

Some would have it

An author of my own demise


Seen as some sort of a throwback

Quite often it is suggested

That the wrong bit of me was thrown away at birth

They could be right either way

All I know is that my veneers are easily permeated

I am transparent

As if born without barriers or borders

And my honesty, to their horror, reflects

Almost like a looking glass

The true nature of themselves

Which in turn

Leaves me vulnerable and exposed


They say I have a nigger’s heart

As I see it a compliment

But it cuts deeper than that to be derogative

As they predictably infer

That I am not one of them

And as with all others on this earth

I am left with a choice

Conform or walk alone

And for me there is no choice

For I walk alone


In me there is no pretence

I have likes and dislikes

Believe in what I believe

I am a racist

By the mere fact that I despise racists

And yet I have foreign friends

Black, yellow, white, coffee colour

Call them what you like

They are all my kin


Close up and from a distance

I am incredibly difficult to understand

I am all the people’s friend

And when all appears to be lost

I refuse to be silenced

Not by a bullet or a gag

My hand of friendship extends

To all who are inclined to shake it

Even the hands of my enemies

And those who do not understand

Why I am the source of their inner conflict


I am the catalyst

A journeyman sent to ignite

Their comfy, cosy, narrow, little worlds

I am in my being

A beacon of potential danger

But only to those who fear me

For I am love and innocence itself

My task to offer, lead and circulate

Within the selfish sanctity


I do not thump-out God words

I have no time nor place for that

Nor do I wish to indoctrinate

Mine is to offer alternatives

Other ways to heal the wounds of suffering

And if that means a life of lonely solitude and isolation

Then so be it

For what is a man

If he cannot choose his own path


I come without apology

Show little or no remorse for the way I am

Having been moulded by the hands of others

My regrets are few

Mostly born of my weaknesses

When for the sake of compromise

I have cow-towed to someone else’s will

But for all that

I stand very proud in that I have remained stoic

In my long and lonely quest


I hold no ulterior motives

My rewards coming in the happiness of others

Mine is a quest rooted

In the deepest chambers of my heart

It is true that I am a Brexiteer

Construed as being one who wishes to separate

But on the contrary

I am a leader and a warrior

Amongst my friends

Often perceived to be the essence

Of the bones of England


Though I love and embrace most things European

Mine is to challenge the accepted way of things

For I am a true Englishman

A Unionist and fully-pledged member

Of the United Kingdoms

And you must believe me when I say

My heart beats for everyone

But it also reminds me

In whatever way I can I must endeavour

To put the Great back in Britain

This tiny archipelago

That has not been adopted

But is my natural home…..


“Joey Joe McGuire”

7th April 2018










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