I Shall Try Again

I Shall Try Again


I am at a loss

My funds and willpower depleted

Having been dumped unceremoniously

Back into familiar limbo


There had been a faint glimmer

Of a bright future on the horizon

And forever positive

My eyes and I had followed the glow


For a brief moment

I actually allowed myself to think

That I had stumbled on to the road to happiness

Or at the very least inner-peace


But oh, oh, oh

How cruel life can be

So much effort combined with so much hope

All lost to a dodgy heartbeat


Tail between my legs

My every expectation hangs precariously

My destiny in the lap of the Gods

As I cling on to a wing and a prayer



I lick my wounds as I sob

That I dared to plan astounds me

And now, all those plan’s, lie in tatters


I wonder

Have I still the strength within

To recoup, rethink, rebound

From what is a major upset and shattering disappointment


Most certainly defeated

I have been forced to give ground

Lesser men would like-as-not surrender

But I do not see a retreat as failure


Life can be cruel

And I have had more than my fair share of cruelty

But to throw in the towel now is unthinkable

And would be seen as nothing more than a futile gesture


I shall carry on

For what is a dreamer without his dreams

I shall lick my gaping wounds

And repair the damage to my wallet and heart


I shall assess and explore all possibilities

And if there is the slightest chance

Then I shall return to Verteillac

From where I have been forced to flee


If it is to be

If my heart holds out to continue beating

Then I shall return to France

And I shall try again…..



“Joey Joe McGuire”

15th April 2015




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