I Watched

I Watched


I presented you with a poem

Watched the tears

As they welled-up in your eyes

Before you’d had time to read

Even a single word


I then stood back to savour

The look upon your face

As your expectations

Smothered all previous thoughts

Whilst noticing you read too quickly

And awkwardly out of sync


To me it was obvious that in your haste

You were missing all the precious gems

I’d subtly hidden between every single line

Though I felt quite sure you’d read my poem

Over and over again

So in the end my every intention

Would not be missed


My eyes lingered on your face

And I watched as it became a picture

That needed no words of explanation

As you slowly realised

That this wasn’t just any poem

It was a poem written with undying love

And the love within its verse

Was meant, especially, for you…..



“Joey Joe McGuire”

1st April 2018

(Bound for Verteillac)


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