The Verteillac Bells

The Verteillac Bells


The heavens have erupted

There is the threat of chilling in the air

Rain lashes down with a violence

As an angry sky shows its annoyance

By waving a black fist of gloom


People run for cover

As the resonating rumble of thunder

Makes even the toughest of soul’s quake from within

The lightning really quite frightening

As it looks for its first victim to strike


It’s that time again

And isn’t it strange how

April never ceases to remind us

That spring is here in all its splendour

And the summer, we always long for, is on its way


Panic now over

The sun a veritable challenge

As it threatens to break the dark clouds

Into tiny little fragments

How quickly things can change in the greater scheme of things


The village lanes hasten to be occupied

An early lunch intended

As the villagers flock to their favourite venues

With fine French cuisine on the menu

There’ll be lots to talk about other than the weather


In any case

It’s almost twelve o’clock

And everybody knows what mid-day brings

Just like the April thunder

They have their own way of peeling everyday



I am a newcomer

An English grockle

Great for keeping the wallets full

But just like a summer midge

A nuisance to have around


Having said that

Just like the Verteillac bells I am tolerated

For I have been here for as long as can be remembered

And just like the bells I remind everyone

That I have plenty of things to say


Every hour of every day

The bells ring out

And just like a living person

Even I hope they ring forever

Never to go away…..






“Joey Joe McGuire”

3rd April 2018


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