A body of poetry by Joey Joe McGuire

Joey is a reinvention of his former self

Joey Joe McGuire is a native of the North East of England, (Newcastle). He was brought up in post war poverty and remembers his formative years as being austere. His Rutherford Grammar School education was interrupted when he emigrated to the USA.

He was sent home to avoid the draft, Vietnam was raging, only to join the Parachute Regiment and serve two tours of Northern Ireland, (The Ardoyne and South Armagh).

Life for Joey has been cruel, however, he has been able to overcome his many Everest’s by turning to his only true love, poetry. He wrote his first poem when he fell in love at the tender age of thirteen.

He writes from the heart, some say he wears his heart on his sleeve, and with an amazing insight and frankness. Joey’s heart goes out to the victims of violence and suffering wherever it occurs. However, he is aware that he is only a man, only human and cannot change the world he abhors.

Joey tries hard in his work to expose and push social and political boundaries.

Welcome to the world of Joey Joe McGuire.